AYA Bank – IFRS Compliance Celebration


05 Apr AYA Bank – IFRS Compliance Celebration

AYA Bank has achieved another significant milestone with the full adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) with effect from the year ended March 31st 2015. AYA Bank is the first local Myanmar entity to achieve this important milestone.
IFRS is considered as a ‘gold-standard’ of transparency and governance in the international financial markets. AYA Bank is proud to once again lead the way and put Myanmar on the International Investors’ radar, contrary to their impression of standards of governance in Myanmar. We are proud to show the way to other businesses that they can also achieve the same.
It has not been an easy journey but with clarity of vision, sincerity and hard work we achieved this important goal. It has been a tremendous learning experience. We believe this will go a long way to further reinforce the public trust and confidence in AYA Bank without which no bank can survive. The continued support and confidence of our customers gives us strength to embark of such difficult journeys. From our inception in 2010, it is the customers’ confidence which has consistently made AYA Bank the fastest growing bank in Myanmar.
The ethos of AYA Financial Group is to actively support improvement of the business environment in Myanmar and contribute continuously to the rapidly changing financial sector of the country. The AYA Financial Group, comprises of AYA Bank, AMI Insurance and AYAtrust Securities.
We take this opportunity to thank Central Bank of Myanmar for allowing us to embark on this journey. We also thank our Technical Advisors, Deloitte, and our external Auditors, Myanmar Vigour Group.
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