Ayeyarwady Bank holds its 3rd Annual Meeting


26 Jan Ayeyarwady Bank holds its 3rd Annual Meeting

26, 27 July 2013

Ayeyarwady Bank held its 3rd Annual Meeting on 26, 27 July 2013 at Sedona Hotel, Mindon Room. The meeting was attended by the Bank’s Board of Directors, the Senior Management Personnel, Heads of Departments as well as its 43 Branch Managers. In addition, Directors and other Senior Management Personnel from the Bank’s parent Company, Max Myanmar Group of Companies, graced the event with their presence.

The meeting kicked-off at 8.30am on 26th July and matters pertaining to the previous year’s performances; as well as the future plans for the Bank’s growth were discussed. The Chairman and the Board of Directors each gave their due comments and views for better implementation.

During the meeting, Chairman said that the Bank hopes to move forward and become a leading bank in the country and the region by adopting good corporate governance. He expressed that the expectation he holds of all his management personnel are very high and expect more to give their best at all times. He commented that without the Max Myanmar Group of Companies, the Bank would not have been where it is now. It would be beneficial for both the Company and the Bank to work in synergy and help each other. Chairman also touched on the importance of Information Technology, Branding – to focus to gain awareness and to communicate to the general public. Finally he stressed that the Bank should set aside all personal differences and work as a team.

The meeting ended successfully at 5.30pm on 27 July 2013, with the biggest takeaway being the sharing of best practices at the branches and the bond they made during their stay.

A Closing Dinner was held at the Grand Ballroom at Inya Lake Hotel on 27 July at 6pm; which was also attended by more than 200 people from both Max Myanmar Group of Companies and Ayeyarwady Bank Limited.