SimplePay Instalment with AYA Credit Cards

Shop with your AYA Credit Card and convert your electronic purchases to SimplePay for low-interest monthly instalment plans that extends up to 12 months. Contact SimplePay Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) service to enjoy purchase with only 1% interest per month.

SimplePay instalment with AYA Credit Cards


  • If you don’t have an AYA Credit Card, apply now at your nearest AYA Branch.
  • Shop with AYA Credit Card at our partner merchants. (You can shop with- MPU, JCB, UnionPay).
  • To convert your purchase to monthly instalments, call AYA SimplePay on 09-458588953 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).
  • Choose from our SimplePay Instalment Plans: fixed repayment with 6-Month Plan or 12-Month Plan.
  • You will receive your credit card statement at the end of the month. You must repay within 20 days to avoid standard credit card fees and charges.


SimplePay Instalment Plans with AYA Credit Cards are currently only available at our participating partner stores. Please kindly refer to our participating partners to see where you can shop for instalment payments. You can use for your electronic purchase above 100,000 MMK at those stores. You must have sufficient balance (credit limit) in your credit card to purchase as your AYA Credit Card will be charged for the purchase of the entire 6-Month / 12-Month instalment plan.  In the case that you do not have sufficient funds in your credit card, you can make downpayment in cash to the store and charge the remaining amount to your credit card. It will be credited to you as recurring monthly payments. Please see below


Once you have purchased with your credit card, simply call 09-458588953 and request your payment transaction to be on your choice of Instalment Plan. AYA Bank will ask you a set of questions to verify your identity.

  • Enjoy low interest rate with SimplePay Instalment Plan for as low as 1% per month (no other charges incur if you pay your Credit Card outstanding payment in full before the 20th of each month).
  • You may choose to spread your payments over 6 months or 12 months.
  • Once you convert your transaction to SimplePay, your credit limit will go back to the original amount. Let’s say your credit limit is Ks.400,000 and you’ve spent Ks.100,000 for a mobile phone with your credit card, once you convert this payment to SimplePay, your credit limit will go back to Ks.400,000.
  • Monthly instalment amount payable will be reflected on your monthly Credit Card Statement and thus you can easily monitor and control your payment. As SimplePay is a feature of AYA Credit Card, please note that full terms and conditions of your credit card apply.

There are two types of SimplePay Plans. You can pay off your purchase in

  • 6-Month Plan (6%)
  • 12-Month Plan (12% Interest)

For example, if your purchase costs Ks. 120,000 and wish to pay over 12 months, you can choose a 12-Month plan with a total of 12% interest (Ks.14,400). This means, each month, including interest, you only pay Ks.11200 per month.

Please see a list of stores from our participating partners that accept instalment payments.

No.Merchant NameAddress
1mDrive Junction Mawtin, Ygn
2Wai Yan Mobile Myanmar Plaza, Ygn
3Wai Yan ElectronicsNo(173-175), Pansoetan Middle Block, Kyauktatar Tsp, Ygn
4Wai Yan ElectronicsNo(90/A,B), Kabaraye Road, Bahan Tsp, Ygn
5Wai Yan ElectronicsNo(118-122), Bo Aung Kyaw Road, (Lower Block), Botahtaung Tsp, Ygn
6Wai Yan ElectronicsMya Ya Mone Waterfront Villa, South Dagon Tsp, Ygn
7Wai Yan ElectronicsNo(3), Thiri Road, West Zay Gone Quarter, Near Insein Market Beside Mahar Myaing Cinema, Insein Tsp, Ygn
8Snoopy MobileNo.(50), Kyar Kwat Thit St, Kyauk Myaung, Ygn

Once you’ve made a purchase with your AYA Credit Card, call us at 09- 458588953 to send us a request to convert your purchase into a SimplePay Plan. This call must be made as soon as possible, especially before you receive your monthly credit card bill.

If you do not have a credit card yet, simply apply for AYA Credit Card at any branches with the required documents. AYA Bank has several credit card brands available. For a list of required documents, please visit us at