Heart Surgery Donation


13 Feb Heart Surgery Donation

By the arrangement of Ayeyarwady Foundation, cardiologists  from Japan arrived to Yangon and operated children from cardiology ward who were suffered heart disease in 550 beds Yankin Children Hospital. On 12th and 13th February, Professor Hesergi Sugiyama and Professor He Deshi Tomita from Japan and Surgeon Associate Professor Dr.Khin Maung Oo , Cardiologist from Yankin Children Hospital had successfully operated to (11) heart disease patients.

U Zaw Zaw also met that cardiologists on 12th February and they discussed the current surgical institutions and future action plan to consult and treatment . And he encouraged to heart patients with and donated (50,000) MMK per each  for family health support.

Ayeyarwady Foundation was proudly collaborated with the international and local cardiologists from Yankin Children Hospital have been successfully treated (237) heart patients in Myanmar.

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