Channel & Information Solutions

Complete transactions efficiently and receive timely and accurate information according to your company’s specific requirements

AYA offers a full range of banking solutions which your company can take advantage of this performance to efficiently manage liquidity. Providing a customized mix of solutions – which is optimized for the specific company’s needs – your company can conveniently access your account information to have an overview of your cash position and account balances.Our channels include:

  • Branch network
  • Internet Banking
  • ATM network
  • Point-of-Sales terminals
  • Direct Debit

Account and transaction reporting is crucial for decision making on daily liquidity management and for reconciliation of accounts, receivables and payables.

AYA supports reporting functions at specified times, according to your company’s specified formats and via various channels to ensure that you receive the information in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Managing Liquidity: Be accurately informed on your company’s cash position and account balances on a real-time basis
  • Transaction Reconciliation: Receive detailed receivables and payables transaction information which can be readily integrated into the company’s automated or manual reconciliation process
  • Timing of Information: Receive account and transaction information you need when you need it through various channels
  • Supported Reporting Formats: Customized reporting format with specific reference field information to ensure seamless integration with your company’s systems
  • Optimize the management of your liquidity through accurate updates through intra-day account and transaction information
  • Allows automation of your reconciliation process with detailed transaction information and making manual reconciliation easier thereby reducing manual data entry workload and maximizing the company’s resources

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