AYA Bank has reduced the use of paper tremendously by simply encouraging all of AYA employees to use Double-Print when printing and to rely mostly on electronic communication and storage system.

In addition all of AYA Bank vehicles are fuel efficient, emit less CO2. AYA Bank also encourages car pooling policy to all staffs to reduce CO2, to save fuel, and to be more effective. In addition, AYA Bank has strategy to support the Kyoto mechanism comprehensively in the near future.

As the bank grows, the transactions grow. AYA Bank’ strategy to address pressing need is to work with our customers to use less plastic bag by incentivizing to usage of paper bag. This strategy aim to abolish plastic bag, use recycle paper bag, and to give a reward points to our customer who is willing to switch from plastic to paper bag at our branches across the nation. We strongly believe that by rolling out such activities, we will reduce our ecological foot-print and help save our green planet.