AYA Bank is trying to grow banking services in terms of its size nation-wide to enable AYA Bank to gain benefits for its stakeholders. Not only enabling itself to enlarge its capital structure, but also promoting corporate social responsibilities related activities such as religious, social, health, assistances given to internal conflicts related victims (Rakhine & Kachin State) etc. Macro level economic development assistances also are provided by the bank in areas like contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in terms of its banking services, every financial year end tax payment to the government, banking habits encouraged among the public and nation-wide number of jobs created.


Any person from community who are interested in any kind of news from AYA Bank is our stakeholders. AYA Bank Community Engagement program has several kinds of channel such as:

  • Digital interface (i.e. Social media such as Facebook, Website, Link in, etc. )
  • Person to person contact ( customer service)
  • Media (Printed media, TVC, Billboards etc.)
  • Through Memberships with well recognized association ( such as Myanmar Bankers Association, Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), French-Myanmar Chambers of Commerce, Australian-Myanmar Chambers of Commerce, British-Myanmar Chambers of Commerce)
  • Through sponsorships to the community activities and the global compact activities, workshops, seminars, conferences, social activities etc.
  • Newsletters and Intranet (to be launched soon) for AYA Bank internal engagement
  • In future plan, we will have AYA Bank State Liaison officers to conduct mostly in conflict states to ensure ongoing dialogue between AYA Bank, Stakeholders and AYA Bank customers and to promote AYA Bank image, product and services.