Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Financing of Terrorism Policy and Internal Control Measures

Ayeyarwady Bank in compliance with Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No.11/2014“Anti-Money Laundering Law” and Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No.23/2014 “Counter Terrorism Law” and Ministry of Home Affairs “Anti-Money Laundering Rules and Counter Terrorism Financing Rules” and regulations of Central Bank of Myanmar and to the extent possible, adopt the recommendations of FATF. The Bank’s AML/CFT Policy establishes governing principles and procedures to protect AYA Bank from being used or implicated in money laundering or counter terrorist financing activities.

AYA BANK AML/KYC Questionnaire

Know Your Customer Policy

Customer Acceptance Policy – Having a clear customer acceptance policies and procedures, including a description of the types of customers that are unacceptable to bank management.
Customer Due Diligence Measures – Establishing a systematic procedure for verifying the identity of new customers and not entering into a business relationship until the true identity and ownership structure of a new customer is satisfactorily established.
On-Going Monitoring of High Risk Transactions and Accounts – Understanding of normal and reasonable account activity of customers and to have in place a system to detect unusual and suspicious patterns of activity.

Reporting of Suspicious Transactions

Upon detection of suspicious transactions immediately report to the designated officers of the bank.

Record keeping

By establishing and retaining relevant and important documents, and the details of suspicious transactions in accordance with bank’s and regulatory requirements in substance and for the required amount of time.


Ayeyarwady Bank complies with all the laws and regulations of Central Bank of Myanmar.

Compliance Officer

Appointed to establish and maintain internal policy, procedures and manual of compliance and to ensure compliance by staff.


For staff to facilitate the recognition and reporting of money laundering activities.

Internal Audit

To check compliance with and effectiveness of the measures taken to apply the AML/CFT guideline and present law once every year.