Credit Card

AYA Credit Card is a convenient way of borrowing money to pay for goods and services.
Using your credit card, you can make your purchases in stores, restaurants, service providers, and online services.
No initial deposit required to get the cards. Simply apply for free now.

Platinum Credit Card

• Minimum monthly income of Ks. 2,000,000
• Credit Limit up to 3.5 times of your monthly income
• Premium deals and offers

Gold Credit Card
• Minimum monthly income of Ks. 500,000
• Credit Limit up to 3.5 times of your monthly income

Silver Credit Card
• Minimum monthly income of Ks. 150,000
• Credit Limit up to 3.5 times of your monthly income

Simply apply for Free

There are no issuing fees to apply for the AYA credit cards.


No Initial deposit required

There is no need to install deposit. Simply provide your income information to apply.


Interest Free Period – up to 50 days

Enjoy interest free spending for up to 50 days with our interest free period


Incredible credit loan

The loan amount of your credit card can be up to 3.5 times of your monthly income


Lowest Interest Rate

1.08% per month

Share your credits

Share your card’s credit limit and benefits with your immediate family members by applying for supplementary cards. Your card can link up to 4 supplementary cards.

Fantastic Deals & Discounts

Pay with your Credit Card to save money on purchases with our fantastic deals and discounts from stores in partnership with us.

We will send your monthly statements of your credit card account to your designated email address at the end of the month. The e-statement lists transactions made and the total amount due for payment.

Internet Banking & Mobile Banking
Register for AYA i-Banking & Mobile Banking services, to settle your credit card bills by transferring money from your AYA Bank accounts easily and securely, 24/7.
Cash Payment
You can also settle your Credit Card account with cash at any AYA’s Branch during business hours. Cash payment can be made at AYA Bank Branches and selected retail stores.
Interest-free periodUp to 50 days interest free period.
Interest on purchases
(Finance Charge)
1.08% per month if full payment is not made by payment due date.
Over limit feeCharge of 3% on over limit amount due.
Late fee2% on outstanding balance if minimum payment has not been made by due date.
Penalty feeCharge of 1% incurs if the full payment is not received by due date.
PIN replacement feeKs. 1,000 processing fee will incur to reset your 6 digit PIN.
Lost/stolen card replacement feeKs.30,000 processing fee will incur in case of lost/stolen cards.
Liability for Lost/Stolen CardIn case the credit card gets lost or stolen, the cardholder must immediately notify the bank. Please call us at 099420055582 or visit the nearest branch.
Annual Card Fees
Main Card SilverGoldPlatinum
Ks. 30,000Ks. 60,000Ks. 100,000
Supplementary CardKs. 15,000Ks. 30,000Ks. 50,000

1. You can apply for AYA Credit Card at any of our branches.
2. Fill in the application form and submit with required documents as mentioned below.
3. We will email you to notify on your credit approval and for card collection.

Required Documents

ApplicantsEligibilityIncome ProofIdentity Verification
Employee• 21 Years of Age
• Citizen/PR of Myanmar
• Letter of Employment
• Salary Pay Slip (past three months)
• Bank Statement (past three months)
• Two Guarantor’s recommendation
• Minimum Salary 150,000
• Photocopy of NRC OR Passport
• Township Recommendation letter
• Police clearance letter
• Household List
• Passport photo 2 pcs
• Photocopy of two Guarantors’ NRC
Self Employed• 21 Years of Age
• Citizen/PR of Myanmar
• Company Financial Statements
• Bank Statement
• Business License/Contract
• Interest income
• Other source of income
• Two Guarantor’s recommendation
Retire• 21 Years of Age
• Citizen/PR of Myanmar
• Lease agreement
• Bank Statement
• Pension Book
• Interest Income Evidence
• Two Guarantor’s recommendation
Supplementary Card Applicant• 16 years of Age
• Citizen/PR of Myanmar
Not ApplicablePhotocopy of NRC (front and back) OR Passport
How to apply

Get exclusive CMHL Gift Voucher by applying AYA Credit Card!

Simply grab AYA Credit Card Promotion Application Forms from selected City Mart, Ocean Super Centre and Marketplace to apply AYA Credit Card together with required documents at 11 AYA branches in Yangon and Redeem your CHML Gift Voucher upon receiving your AYA Credit Card.


For Silver Card : 10,000 MMK Gift Voucher

Gold Card : 15,000 MMK Gift Voucher

Platinum Card : 20,000 MMK Gift Voucher


For more details, please kindly contact AYA Bank Hotline : 09420055582


Terms & Conditions

AYA Bank reserves the right to withdraw the Promotion at any time before the end of the Promotion Period.

CMHL Gift Vouchers are not exchangeable into cash and not redeemable with any other offer or promotion .

AYA Bank reserves the right at its absolute discretion to disqualify claims and reject applications which it considers not comply with terms and conditions.