Online Payment Solution (E-commerce)

Nowadays, more and more businesses are incorporating e-commerce platforms as part of their business systems. With increasing the need of eCommerce industry, every business is looking to have an online business where they can advertise and sell their range of products and services. One can get a lot of benefits by using  AYA eCommerce as we deliver a comprehensive range of benefits to retailers, merchants and service industry.


Benefits of eCommerce for merchants

  • Attract MPU cardholders with search engine visibility
  • Decreasing cost of cash management
  • Convenience and easiness
  • Open 24/7/365
  • Cost-effective way to market your products and services
  • Reduce the operational risk
  • Records each sale or transition
  • Manage more customer service
No.Company NameCategoryWebsite
2M Pay GlobalMobile Shopwww.MPAYGLOBAL.COM
3Vintage FlowerFloral
42 Angels
5Double Y Variety
7Yangon BayVariety
9Amazing TechnologiesSoftware
11King ConstructionEngineering
12Sense Capital Group Of