AYA SWIFT Telegraphic Transfer MM

Need to send money to or receive money from overseas?
Have full confidence that your funds will arrive safely and quickly when sending or receiving money to and from countries around the world.

Key Product Information


A very fast, safe and reliable way of transferring money between two persons or entities anywhere in the world through use of AYA’s wide correspondent relationships and the SWIFT network.


Outward SWIFT Telegraphic Transfer

Sending money to beneficiaries outside Myanmar from your account with AYA Bank.


Inward  SWIFT Telegraphic Transfer

Receiving funds to your account in Myanmar from senders outside Myanmar


  • Very fast, the recipient is able to receive the funds quickly usually within 24 hours
  • Very safe with practically no risk of loss as bank uses their correspondent banking relationship to conduct settlement
  • Reliability ensured as banks have the necessary internal infrastructure and send and receive messages through authenticate SWIFT messages to ensure that the transfer is executed in a timely fashion and to good order

Key Features

Eligible Customers

Business incorporated in Myanmar

  • Sole–Proprietor or Partnership
  • Limited Company
  • Joint Venture
  • Individuals


  • US Dollar
  • Euro
  • Singapore Dollar

General Requirements

Initial Deposit

  • Customer must maintain account with AYA bank
  • Applicable foreign exchange rate is in accordance with daily Board Exchange Rate of AYA bank
  • For outward telegraphic transfers:
    • Customer must have sufficient funds in foreign currency to effect payment
    • Customer must complete Remittance Application Form for outward remittance
    • Purpose of transfer must be declared

Supporting documents required for outward remittance


Please contact our branches or Trade Centre for more information.