AYA Bank views Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a fundamental element of our corporate strategies, embodying our dedication to serving society in the best possible manner. We recognize our responsibility towards stakeholders and the public, and we strive to make a meaningful impact by operating in ways that benefit society and the environment.

Being mindful of our actions, we acknowledge the extensive influence we have on various aspects of society, encompassing economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

In pursuit of achievable and positive long-term goals for our people and the wider community, we have categorized AYA Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility into five key areas:


Healthy Lifestyle

We advocate for and actively promote initiatives that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, supporting the well-being of individuals and communities.

Gender Equality

We are committed to fostering gender equality and ensuring an inclusive and diverse environment within the bank and the communities we serve.

Digital Responsibility

Recognizing the significance of the digital age, we embrace responsible digital practices and promote digital literacy to benefit society.

Financial Inclusion

We strive to enhance financial inclusion, empowering individuals, and businesses to access financial services and opportunities.

Community Engagement

We actively engage with communities, investing time and resources to address their specific needs and contribute positively to their development.

By upholding these principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, AYA Bank aims to play a constructive role in creating a better and more sustainable future for all.

Recent Update

Youth plays critical role in nation building. There are many areas where we believe we can make a meaningful contribution to the youth of Myanmar. On this day, AYA Bank is proud to announce our sponsorship of ASEAN-China-India Youth Leadership Summit 2023, which showcases region-wide sustainability efforts spearheaded by the next generation of young Asian leaders. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment, it is our great pleasure to support this summit by funding the event venue for country round and the winng prizes to our youth talents.

The country round was conducted on 3rd October, 2023 at Novotel Yangon Max Hotel. It was an exciting and rewarding program that helps youth to expand their abilities and strengths and gives sponsors the opportunity to connect with skilled young individuals across the nation. AYA Bank contributed not only as a sponsor, we extended our dedication by introducing ‘Future Banker Program’ at the event to give participants opportunity in the financial service industry. 

AYA Bank has been spending years in contributing the community to lead healthy lifestyle and we are one of the signatories of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Theme of this summit revolves around United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) 11 and 12, perfectly aligns with AYA Bank’s commitment towards sustainable and inclusive future. This summit focuses on developing future leaders to create global sustainability and equip them with the necessary abilities, which we believe is the backbone to navigate the new era of sustainable community lifestyle.

As for the background information, ASEAN-China-India Youth Leadership Summit 2023 is designed as a Startathon for youth, to spark the beginning of their entrepreneurship or career journey. Since July 2023, more than 3,600 young individuals from 12 countries in ASEAN, China and India have competed in the qualifying Sustainability Startathon: Country Rounds. Given the primary objective, ‘To educate and raise awareness in our young population about the significance of sustainable living’, Myanmar Nobel University (MNU) acts the country partner for this summit to give youth across the nation opportunity and exposure. The top three teams from each country will advance to the Youth Leadership Summit in Singapore to compete in the Grand Finals.

06 Oct 2023
On 3rd August, 2023, with the objective to encourage young people to concentrate on IT skills from their early days, AYA Bank donated thirty desktop computers to Pan Pyo Latt Philanthropic School (Monastery) in Bago Township. We are thrilled to conduct this vital initiative to support digital inclusion as part of our CSR activities.
Recognising the need for computers at schools, AYA Bank grips an opportunity to repurpose the Bank’s resources and make a meaningful difference. With dedicated effort and technology expertise of our IT Department, the computers became available to donate for those in need. The PCs are modern and equipped with Windows 11, making them a valuable asset to the community that will receive them. The donation comes at a critical time, as the school is currently experiencing a shortage of computers.
The donation ceremony for thirty computers and cash one million Kyat (MMK 1,000,000) was held at Pan Pyo Latt, led by Daw Khin Saw Oo, Executive Chairman of AYA Bank and participated by representatives of the Bank. 
“Digital literacy is a vital part of education these days. Information technologies change rapidly. On behalf of AYA Bank, it is hoped that these computer sets will be an asset to improve student skills and talent in educational technologies for both primary and high school levels at Pan Pyo Latt. “, said Daw Khin Saw Oo, Executive Chairman of AYA Bank. 
“At AYA Bank, we believe that digital inclusion lays the foundation for economic mobility and a more equitable future. Our contribution is a meaningful step toward closing the digital divide for students in the area.”, said U Myint Zaw, Chief Executive Officer of AYA Bank. 
With technology becoming increasingly essential for education, communication, and economic development, the impact of these computers on the lives of the people they reach will be profound. Being a socially responsible company, AYA Bank believe in making a positive contribution to the community and looking forward to enhancing the impact on people’s lives.
03 Aug 2023

Our thoughts extend to all those grappling with the devastation wrought by Cyclone Mocha on May 14th, 2023. Cyclone Mocha, a formidable force with sustained winds of 175 MPH and equivalent to a Category-5 hurricane, struck the Bay of Bengal and made landfall in Myanmar's Rakhine, Chin, Sagaing, and Magway Regions as an immensely severe cyclonic storm. This event underscores the pressing need for rehabilitation aid, prompting AYA Bank to take action by launching initiatives aimed at assisting the affected individuals and reconstructing the afflicted regions.

(1) Concerning Our Employees

Throughout and following the calamity, AYA Bank's foremost priority remains the health, safety, and emotional well-being of our personnel. Swiftly responding to field reports and conducting rapid assessments, the Head Office swiftly organized immediate relief provisions, sanitation and hygiene resources, emergency medical services, and psychosocial support for our employees and their families in Rakhine, an area significantly impacted by Cyclone Mocha. On behalf of AYA Bank, guided by the compassionate leadership of our Senior Management, our People and Administrative Teams took proactive steps to assemble care packages and established their presence at Rakhine branches. They extended financial assistance of (MMK 500,000) to each staff member, provided essential supplies, and offered unwavering moral support. Placing our employees at the forefront, comprehensive safety inspections and maintenance measures were implemented prior to authorizing their return to the office environment. This dedicated and considerate approach in the face of adversity vividly showcases our company's resolute commitment to nurturing the well-being and fortitude of our valued workforce.



(2) Concerning Our Stakeholders

Responding to the significant impact of Cyclone Mocha on the vulnerable regions of Rakhine, AYA Bank has initiated a series of measures aimed at furnishing assistance and relief to the affected communities. These actions are strategically devised to mitigate the financial strain faced by both individuals and enterprises in the aftermath of the cyclone.

Acknowledging the pressing requirement for monetary aid and smooth transactions within the stricken areas of Rakhine state, AYA Bank and AYA Pay have jointly declared the temporary suspension of all transaction fees, encompassing deposits, withdrawals, and transfers, up until the conclusion of June 2023. The objective is to facilitate expeditious and cost-free transactions, thereby empowering affected individuals and businesses, regardless of their scale, to efficiently access and manage financial resources during this critical juncture. The decision to waive transaction fees exemplifies our unwavering solidarity with the communities impacted by the cyclone. Through the elimination of this financial impediment, AYA Bank and AYA Pay aspire to bolster individuals and enterprises in the process of rebuilding their lives, reinstating their livelihoods, and expediting the recovery trajectory. AYA Bank and AYA Pay enthusiastically encourage residents of the affected zones to capitalize on the opportunity presented by the waived transaction fees, availing themselves of these services for their financial dealings. All transactions will be expeditiously processed, guaranteeing a seamless and secure encounter devoid of any supplementary charges.

U Myint Zaw, CEO of AYA Bank, expressed, "Our sympathies extend to those who have suffered the loss of their homes in the aftermath of Cyclone Mocha. We empathize with the trials faced by these individuals and extend our deepest condolences during this arduous period. In conjunction with these endeavors, we are proactively formulating comprehensive loan programs to support cyclone-impacted businesses, irrespective of their magnitude." AYA Bank is extending micro loans to local enterprises adversely affected by Cyclone Mocha. These micro loans will serve to assist entrepreneurs and small business proprietors in their efforts to rebuild and recuperate, ultimately nurturing economic stability and resilience within the community.