Our Mission

To be recognized as the leading bank in Myanmar through pursuit of Excellence and long term sustainable growth for the bank and its stakeholders.

Our Corporate Values

Our shared core values form the foundation of the AYA Bank. These values underpin every aspect of all our business dealings, irrespective of the business or jurisdiction involved.

We pursue our objectives with EXCELLENCE
We progress as a TEAM with Transparency
We think and act in all HONESTY & Accountability
We maintain INTEGRITY in all our dealings
We CARE for our customers, our colleagues and the people we interact with and in all our actions
We always act with SINCERITY


We shall strive to deliver the highest quality in every aspect of our business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed. Improvement can occur at all levels within the Bank. We go beyond good quality and acceptable products, into delivering excellence to our customers in everything we do.

  • Delivering excellence is the continued effort AYA Bank makes to improve our services, products, business deals and communications on a daily basis, both peer-to-peer, company-wide and with customers.
  • Delivering excellence is filling in the gaps between what our customers voice their needs and what we offer.
  • Delivering excellence is to be supportive, responsive and above all, reliable in every performance no matter how big or small


We represent AYA bank as a team “One Team, One Goal”. The best teamwork comes from team members who are working independently towards one goal in unison. We break down silos and collaborate across boundaries. In AYA, everyone is given equal opportunity for participation. By being open to different ideas from our colleagues, customers and the world around us, we will find more ways to win.

We build the culture of working with each other in a way that takes advantage of each team member’s unique strengths to achieve results that exceed the cumulative results they could have individually accomplished. Whatever and however we practiced our business, our transparency in everything we do is our ultimate goal. It is based on collaboration and open communication in both directions, up and down, coordinated by leaders. AYA is committed to helping our customers by working together with equal parts humility and ambition.


We affirm that honesty is essential in building trust between us, and our valued customers and stakeholders as stated in our Brand Promise “Your trusted Partner”. We believe ‘honesty’ strengthens trust and brand loyalty. Being honest in the workplace fosters open communication and constructive feedback. We adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and sincerity in advancing the interests of those we represent and in communicating with the public.

We encourage honesty at work from the start and at all times. We’re honest and open in all that we do. We build open and honest relationships. We have no tolerance for politics, hidden agendas or passive-aggressive behavior. So, all our customers, partners and other stakeholders can feel confident in interacting and collaborating with us. We take pride in our accountable business practices in accordance with our Good Corporate Governance guidelines.


We describe integrity as one of the fundamental values and the act of conducting ourselves in an honest, loyal, reliable and ethical way with everyone we do business with. We seek to maintain the highest standards of integrity and independence through a set of strong values and principles. Strengthening resilience, integrity and efficiency of our financial service infrastructure with focus on deepening technology advances.

What we do have an impact on the industry, people’s lives, and communities. We take this seriously and act with integrity. We are transparent and committed in doing what is best for our customers and our partners.


We strongly believe that caring is an integral component of an organization and encourage to demonstrate every day by expressing and accepting caring in our professional relationships. Cultivating a caring company culture makes a difference. First impression creates a big impact.

WE CARE ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS - Through our talents, passion and hard work, we constantly push ourselves to connect with others, focus on responding with compassion, and arrive every day inspired to make an impact. To create a Solid Brand Story, we must show customers that we care about their experience and respect them as people.

WE CARE ABOUT OUR COMMUNITIES — We aim to make a difference in the communities where we work and live. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility makes a positive impact by strengthening our connections.


It is embedded in our values that sincerity is a strength which allows us to build credibility in the workplace. It is a tremendous asset for an organization, and we always urge employees to portray their sincerity at the workplace. Employees are empowered to find the best and most sincere path to handle tasks and solve issues. This allows us to always see our relationships as collaborative and never adversarial. Since ‘sincerity’ gives the confidence,

We are able to attract more clients

Our employees trust us more

People want to work for us again and continuously

We build stronger relationships with your partners and suppliers

We are respected by others who know that sincerity is a core value

Social Sustainability, the best way to create our Future!
Social Sustainability, the best way to create our Future!
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Social Sustainability, the best way to create our Future!
AYA Culture
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Social Sustainability, the best way to create our Future!
Life at AYA
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Our Brand Promise – Your Trusted Partner

AYA Bank is the bank of choice for anyone who is looking for fast, reliable, honest banking relationships. AYA Bank offers the full range of retail and commercial banking products and services and is in tune with domestic customs and international standards in its governance and operations.

For your long-term banking needs, AYA bank is your trusted partner in Myanmar.

Our brand promise represent the foundational commitment and deeply held beliefs that allow AYA to navigate complex situations while keeping our identity and culture at the forefront. AYA Bank regards Brand Promise as a standard and non-negotiable. This will be adopted to give effect to our core values and to guide our relationships with all our stakeholders and other relevant role-players as well as to outline our commitments to them. We strive our utmost to maintain our Brand Promise and enhance the public’s confidence in AYA Bank.