The grievance handling process allows stakeholders (customers, suppliers, and the public) to formally address grievances related to staff or services, helping identify and improve problem areas for better future experiences. This process is based on the following principles:

  • Fair treatment of customers and stakeholders at all times

  • Courteous, prioritized, private, and timely complaint resolution

  • Information provided on escalation avenues, alternative remedies, and organizational rights

  • Efficient, fair handling of grievances to protect the bank's reputation and business

  • Good faith and prejudice-free work from employees in stakeholders' best interests

Raising Grievances

In Writing:

Send grievances to

By Phone:

Call the 24/7 contact center at +95 1 2317777

Suggestion System:

Complete the 'Complaint Form' and place it in a suggestion box at branches

In Person:

Visit a branch and speak with a team member
(use the branch locator to find the nearest location)

Stakeholders can openly address concerns through AYA's grievance channels. Complaints are recorded, resolved, or forwarded to relevant departments as needed for consistent support. Complaint management is monitored, reported, and recorded for timely resolution.

We strive for immediate complaint resolution. If not possible, we provide step-by-step updates:



If unresolved within one week, we'll contact you with a designated representative.



We'll provide regular updates, and you may contact the representative directly with questions.



We'll work to resolve the complaint quickly and keep you informed of progress.

If unhappy with progress, contact the representative directly at any time.