We offer a wide range of effective and efficient cash management service and solutions for the businesses. With AYA Cash Management Service, we ensure to provide a full suite of customized receivables and payables solutions alongside a comprehensive and timely management report gearing to facilitate the daily business decisions and to manage and accelerate the business cash flow effectively.

Why AYA Cash Management Service?

Greater control and direct access to your funds. Reliable receivables collection with real-time email alert and secure payments along with consolidated transaction reports

Around the clock transaction service and highly skillful support for the timely solution to any errors or down-time

Services we offer

Payroll Service

Simplify pay day and let the payroll tools work for you

Time saving, high security and minimize paperwork on the payroll operation with AYA Bank.

With AYA Payroll Service, we offer a very handy and automated Payment service with single debit transaction through our integrated systems.


Multi-beneficiaries accounts with single debit transaction in a timely manner

Effective and complete report on the successful delivery to both the corporate and the recipients


Cost Effectiveness

Minimize costs by streamlining customized payment process in one fingertip from your place or anywhere in the world at any time.


Numerous branches-networked across Myanmar and 24/7 electronically available in terms of rescheduling a cycle for payroll payments, reducing cash handling workloads and simple user interface.


Highly protected banking channels, high data confidentiality and advanced maintenance system throughout the process.

Customized and Splendid Reporting

Real-time “Management Information System Reports” ensuring detailed and accuracy for each transaction for your reconciliation requirements.

Receivables Service

Collect your receivables quick for efficient cash flow

Is your business retail, wholesale, or services?

Our Collection Services allow you to manage your receivables efficiently and in timely manner through our extensive branches across the nation as well as on the digital channels such as AYA m-banking and i-banking.

We are very committed in delivering a quality service hence ensuring you to meet your specific business requirements.


We provide a full suite of customized collection solutions for your business.

Customized Management Information System (MIS) Report on receivables will be delivered in every end of the day or in agreed intervals.


Enhance the timeliness and accuracy of collection information and process

Smoothen your collection cycles

Reduce administrative costs and minimize cash handling risks.

Multi-channel reporting as per your requirements.

Bulk Payment (Payables Service)

A convenient, secure, and optimal way of fund transfer

We provide secure payment services with consolidated reporting system in order to enhance your business turnover and accelerate your cash flow functionality in just simple steps. Our systems are designed to deliver end-to-end payment solutions and multi-recipients with single debit transaction securely and efficiently for all business nature.


Comprehensive payment solutions available for

  • Staff payroll and bonus payments
  • Suppliers' payments,
  • Loan disbursements

Automated systems enable users to schedule payments

Able to transfer multi-beneficiaries accounts with single debit transaction at the same time

Multi-control with more than two user-levels for approval process


Minimize operating costs by streamlining payment processes

Able to credit beneficiaries’ accounts at specified date

Highly protected system and accounts details information

Able to customize and structure corporate’s organization chart into an effective and efficient authorization matrix

Liquidity Service

Improve and optimize your liquidity through our automated sweeping funds

Our liquidity service serves the businesses to manage the cash in-and-out flow effectively as well as balance the liquidity position in a rapidly growing market. AYA Bank promises to ensure your liquidity requirements are efficiently managed through our comprehensive system while adding value to your business. Our liquidity management solution is automated for sweeping surplus funds from collection account to the centralized account of the corporate, hence optimizing the corporate’s funds.


Sweep the excess funds of collection account into corporate’s central account


Sweeping funds into corporate’s central account

Sweeping funds into any interest-bearing account or any account in the interest of loan purpose (e.g., overdraft loan)

Reliable and auditable reporting system for the corporate’s monitoring and reconciliation procedures

Able to make payments for payroll or suppliers’ payments or other expenses

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