AYA Bank provides a comprehensive solution for trade financing needs from import to export, invoice financing and inventory financing. We bridge the funding gap for a period between vendor payments and buyers for both domestic and international trade transactions. With our Trade Financing, corporates can mitigate non-payment risk and improve working capital efficiency.

Available Trade Financing

Import Financing

Incessantly secure fruitful outcomes in your trading business

Importers can receive goods/commodities earlier and make a simple payment through our flexible and straightforward import trade financing model. They can effectively conduct better cash flow management and trade transactions management with our short-term credit facility on purchase. Our product also helps importers to trade securely and mitigate foreign currency-related risk.

Enlarge your investment power with our LC Margin Financing

We strategically provide financing for importers to cover their credit risk on a temporary basis. Through this type of collateral, we allow importers to expand investment by leveraging their assets. The LC Margin Financing product is where LC is issued for less than cash margin collateralized for your import business.

Features and Benefits

A convenient line of credit for issuing letter of credit

Able to leverage the value of assets you already own to increase the size of your working capital

Flexible repayment and on your own schedule as long as your outstanding debt is within margin maintenance requirement


Finance for marketable or non-perishable goods

Goods must be not subject to price volatility

Importers buying on sight or credit terms are required to use LC as a settlement method for sales agreements

Invest more in working capital to achieve tangible profits

We provide advances for settlement of bills drawn by the buyer for the goods purchased under letter of credit. A credit trade line is required before utilizing the facility. Through the trust receipt, importers can release the goods against their undertaking to sell and the proceeds can be used to pay off the loan. Importers can enjoy the longer tenor which granted by AYA

Features and Benefits

Help with liquidity by financing customer’s international payables, hence increasing confidence between importer and seller

A sound choice for importers with insufficient cash flow

Paying back loans only after goods are sold

Flexible repayment plan


Importers buying on sight or credit terms whereby sales agreement required use of LC as settlement method

Goods must be marketable, non-perishable, and not subject to price volatility.

Avoid any credit and cash flow setbacks and instantly fulfill your business liquidity needs with our Invoice Financing

We support import invoice financing for instant coverage of your business needs associated with receiving goods for import.

Features and Benefits

More flexibility than business loans or overdrafts

Payment is guaranteed to your exporter

Maintain a smooth operation of the supply chain and improve cash flow


Goods must be merchandized goods, be marketable, non-perishable, saleable, and not subject to price volatility.

Goods to be financed at the discretion of the Bank

Export Financing

Facilitating the commerce of commodities internationally

We provide various types of funding and services to the exporters to facilitate the exports from the country. Exporters are financed for the purchase of capital goods through a loan agreement granted to the importer. This short-term loan helps businesses fulfill orders from oversea customers.

Your working-capital needs are effectively covered

Our pre-shipment financing facility offers exporters a loan/advance to enjoy pre-export financing. Providing a firm order is secured by the exporter, we enable the exporter to purchase, process, manufacture, or package goods prior to shipment.

Features and Benefits

Pre-production cost is financed by using sales contracts as a repayment source.

Help develop your business smoothly and free up your funds for better cash flow management


Exporters selling under Letter of Credit (Preferred Instrument).

Exporters selling under collection terms with long-established relationships with buyers.

Exporters selling on credit terms or open account basis.

Improve positive cashflow for the export of goods for your business

Smoothly sail your business while we take care of post shipment financing for you. Post-shipment finance is a special credit provided to exporters by AYA Bank to meet working capital requirements after the actual shipment of goods. It bridges the financial gap between the date of shipment and actual receipt of payment from an overseas buyer thereof.

Features and Benefits

Enabling eligible exporters to procure raw materials, suppliers, process, manufacture or ship the goods meant for export

Fulfilling an important cash flow avenue for exporters to manufacture finished goods

Flexible financing period


Exporters selling under Letter of Credit terms

Exporters selling on credit terms

Exporters selling under collection terms long - established relationships with buyers.

Other Trade Financing

A comprehensive solution for your trade finance needs

We cover a wide range of financial products that exporters and importers utilize to make trade transactions feasible.

Make use of your unpaid invoices as security to satisfy your funding needs

We provide you with the required cash in advance to get better cash flow for trading businesses. We lend/offer money through invoice financing based on what your customers owe to your business or for your due invoices. With this type of financing, known as invoice factoring or receivable/payable financing, the sellers or buyers may discount or finance their invoices to obtain better liquidity. The bank may provide short-term advanced money to companies’ receivables or help them pay their due invoices.

Features and Benefits

Equity is maintained well

Financing made easy and quickly

Able to access finance quickly


Goods must be merchandized goods, be marketable, non-perishable, saleable, and not subject to price volatility.

Goods to be financed at the discretion of the Bank.

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