Growing Your SME Business?

AYA SME financing solution can help funding for expanding and developing your business.

AYA Bank understands your need for capital growth and smooth business operations. We will work with you individually to determine the best credit option for your business. Let's get a broader understanding of what it takes to qualify for SME financing.

Why AYA SME Financing Solutions?

Friendly Advisors for SMEs

Variety of Loan Products

Flexible Payment Schedules

Who are eligible?

Any Small or Medium Enterprise applying for AYA SME Financing Solutions should be

Registered and operating in Myanmar for at least 2 years.

Meet the standards set by AYA Bank.

AYA Bank adheres to the Myanmar SME Development Law of 2015. If you meet the aforementioned requirements, please contact us and we will gladly assist you in expanding your business.

Success Story

With years of experience, the owner upgraded preschool to primary school using AYA financing and confide more in AYA

“When I needed business financing to upgrade from Preschool to Primary School, AYA Bank offered me AYA SME Financing Solutions to meet my financial needs and expand my business. I will continue to use AYA SME Financing Service if I plan to expand into High school as well.”

U Zaw Oo
MPPS Founder

SME business owner finds the right loan and financing partner to grow successfully

“Branch in-charge of AYA Bank has explained me about AYA SME Financing in detail when I needed to boost my business. And with the help of AYA SME Financing Solutions, I could grow my business efficiently and effectively. I also encourage you to apply AYA SME Financing service if you need to grow your business.”

Daw Than Shin
Hsu Myat Win Business (Founder)

What We Offer

Working Capital Loan (Overdraft – OD)

Get fund for day-to-day operations of your business

Our short-term financing will cover the day-to-day sales and marketing, product development, and other operations of your business. You can obtain financing for ordinary business expenses like operating expenses and inventory purchases.

SME Financing Solutions

Loan Amount Up to MMK 1 Billion
Collateral Landed Property, Condo
Loan Tenor 1 Year
Interest 10% p.a. to 14.5% p.a. (Service Charges Included)

Demand Loan

Enjoy convenience of demanding repayment at any time

If you are looking forward to boosting your capital investment or business expansion, let us help you grow your business! AYA Bank offers Demand Loan to SMEs and Corporates for fixed asset purchases, capital expenditure purchases and industrial building construction, etc.

SME Financing Solutions

Loan Amount Up to 1 Billion MMK
Collateral Landed Property, Condo
Loan Tenor Up to 3 Years
Interest 10% p.a. to 14.5% p.a.

JICA SME Two Step Loan

Providing financial support of Capital Expenditure for SMEs going forward

In support of domestic small and medium enterprises, we offer JICA Two Step Loan, funded by JICA, to expand your business grow by allocating 80% of the loan amount to acquire, upgrade, and expand fixed assets and 20% to working capital.

SME Financing Solutions

Loan Amount Up to MMK 500 Million
Collateral Landed Property, Condo
Loan Tenor Up to 5 Years
Interest 5.5% p.a. to 10% p.a.


Enhance your operations and cash flow using the AYA SME Loan facility

Are you a SME business owner with a steady monthly income or a store owner? Our SME loan can be utilized for business expansion in addition to day-to-day expenses. It consists of financing for fixed assets such as industrial buildings, equipment, and machinery, as well as working capital such as operating expenses, accounts payable to suppliers, etc.

SME Financing Solutions

Loan Amount Depends on loan purpose & repayment capacity
Collateral Landed Property, Condo, Apartment
Loan Tenor Up to 3 Years
Interest 10% p.a. to 14.5% p.a.

Agriculture Loan

Financing your agribusiness through our flexible loan for seasonal agricultural operations

Seasonal loan for financing SMEs in the agriculture sector. You can get support by way of short term credit in harvesting specific crops for each season.

SME Financing Solutions

Loan Amount Depend on Loan Purpose & Repayment Capacity
Collateral Landed Property, Condo
Loan Tenor Up to 6 Months
Interest 10% p.a. to 14.5% p.a. (Services Charges Included)

Micro Loan

Need funds for regular operations, capital investments, or business expansion? AYA Bank will help you finance your ambitions and create your own opportunities. We provide Microloans with minimal collateral requirements or without collateral for the uninterrupted operation and expansion of small enterprises with growth potential.

Who can apply?

Small enterprises that can apply for AYA Micro Loan services must have:

A Valid Business License and an operational business of (1) year

License issued by the relevant ministry

License Issued by Township Development Committee

Must comply with other terms and conditions applied by AYA Bank.

Repayment Terms

Interest will be collected using the Upfront Method.

At the time of loan approval, the annual interest rate is deducted in advance from the loan amount, leaving the remainder available for use.

*** The principal loan amount must be repaid to the bank every month.

Business related documents

Business license and permit

Investment plan for business

Trade Receipts/Ledger and Records (Previous 3 months)

Business photos (front, back, left, right and interior)

SME Member Card

SME Certificate (if approved)

Documents related to loan applicants (at least 2 applicants)

National Identity Card (copy) and Household Registration (copy)

(2) license size photos

Proof of Residence (Municipal Tax or Land Tax or Meter Bill)

Documents related to insurance

If it is an apartment

- Related agreements

- Copy of BCC; A copy of the contract signed by the landlord and contractor

If it is a title-owned shop

- A copy of the Title-deed

If it is a registered vehicle

- Car ownership book

Additional documents may be required depending on the purpose of the loan application and the type of business.

Check at the nearest AYA Bank branches whether you meet the loan criteria. You can find out at once and apply with the necessary documents

No service charges by the Bank to apply AYA Micro Loan.

However, if you apply with collateral, collateral valuation fees, lawyer fees and service fees related to government offices shall be borne by the applicant(s).

Find out more about our Micro Loan to help you manage your finance.

Secured Business Loan (Lien)

Let your hard-earned money help you grow your business

Do you need to refinance your business secured by collateral?

Get AYA secured business loan (Lien) to take advantage of a secure short term financing for your businesses. This will allow you to have more flexible qualification requirements and often offer lower interest rates. It need to be backed by your organization (or) company’s deposit account, as a collateral.

Features and Benefits

  • Loan Tenor is 1 month to 12 months
  • Loan amount is up to MMK 1,000 million (Maximum 80% of the cash guarantee amount)

Fees and Charges

  • Interest Rate is as low as 10% per annum
    (Interest payment is monthly (or) every three months)

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