The culmination of its commitment to continuous improvement and expansion of its depth and breadth of service to its cherished customers, by providing them with progressively more efficient and intuitive platforms, through the adoption of new technologies, AYA Bank will be upgrading to its new Core Banking System on 20 July 2021.

In the interest of updating its valued users prior to launch and ensuring a seamless transition between systems, key points pertaining to major changes are presented below:

New Account Numbers

As the Core Banking System will feature Bank Account Numbers with 11 digits, instead of the current 16, customers will be able to obtain their new Account Number via online or branch, starting from 11 Jan 2021. Customer can type Name, NRC No., Account Number (16 digit), Phone Number and Home Branch Name in, then Bank will send back New Account Number to your typed Phone Number via SMS. Besides, customers using the AYA Mobile Banking application will be able to see their new account numbers (applicable for accounts linked to Internet/ Mobile banking) that the application will begin displaying on its Home Page starting the 1st day of new system (20 July 2021). Loan and Hire Purchase (HP) account numbers will be available at all AYA Bank branches upon customer inquiry, prior to and following the Core Banking update.

The Passbook, Cheque and Card

The bank is happy to announce that, despite the new account numbers, customers are not required to make any changes to their Passbook, Cheque or Card; these products retain their features and can be used just as before.

Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and ATM

No changes are required to be made for individual Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and ATM Card; customers will be able to sign in using their current Username and Password and continue using the products normally.
With the new system cutover, once the new system is in place, customers will be required to re-enter their schedule payments/ Fast Pay/ etc. in their platforms.

A consequence of the breadth of its upgrade, the system will only display, on Mobile Banking and Internet Banking both, new customer transactions that occur after the 20th of July, 2021. Therefore, it is advised that, should customers wish to view it for periods preceding the schedule Core Banking update, they preemptively download and save their transaction histories now by utilizing the most convenient means, be it exporting to Excel, printing, or screen capturing. However, though the ‘transaction details’ tool under the ‘information Inquiry’ function on the iBanking site is affected by the aforementioned refresh, the alternative procedure for transaction history viewing, the ‘iBanking transaction history’ tool under the ‘Payment’ function, is not. Thus, customers can follow it to view their transaction history (limited to 3 months) for periods prior to the 20th of July 2021. Alternatively, customers will be, as they currently are, obtain their transaction history by requesting for their Bank Statement at the nearest AYA Bank branch.

Account Transfers

As all customers will receive an update to their account numbers, those wishing to make transfers are respectfully reminded to be sure to obtain the recipient’s new account number from them directly.

Corporate Internet Banking

The Corporate Internet Banking service will be receiving a wide array of upgrades- improvements upon, and introductions of, features that enable AYA to serve its valued customers better. As such, corporate customers will require new Login information (URL, User ID, Company ID, Password), the details of which can be acquired from one’s Relationship Manager, prior to and following the system overhaul.

On Account Security

At no point during the Core Banking system cutover, or at any time, will AYA Bank extend unsolicited inquiries to customers seeking their log-in information e.g. Username, Password, NRC, or any other information related to log-in, nor will make any charges pertaining to the system update; such solicitations are to be considered fraudulent. As such, to ensure account integrity, customers are respectfully urged to keep their key personal information confidential.



All questions can be directed to the AYA Bank Contact Center, available at 01-2317777.

20 Jul 2021