If you haven't used your AYA account (ie, Current Account / Savings Deposit /  Call Deposit ) in 365 days, it may have gone dormant.

20 Dec 2022

Don’t fall victim!

We believe that fraud prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

The Bank is not liable for your loss caused by social media and online frauds.

ü  Winning lottery;

ü  Sending parcels or money from abroad;

ü  Sweepstake or prize draw

are the most common reasons fraudsters contact you from social media (Facebook) and asked you to send money through banking, so that they can proceed for the payment of your winnings.
Hence, banking customers should process with special care to ensure that there are no financial frauds in money transfer for the above cases and if you are in doubt, please inform the person in charge of the branch and get advice.



You may receive following communications from fake Facebook Page and Messenger for

• Being forced to transfer money;
• Asking for password information;
• Requesting ATM card front / back photo


Ø  Do not give your OTP code to anyone

Ø  Do not give your ATM PIN to anyone

Ø  Do not give your 16-digit card number to anyone



07 Jan 2022