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AYA Bank donated additional ‘One Billion Kyat’ for the expenses of the ICU/HDU Ayeyarwady Center

Posted on October 07, 2020

AYA Bank donated additional supplies for a 75-bedded ICU/HDU Unit at the Ayeyarwady Center.

For ICU/HDU, the Ministry of Health and Sports is providing necessary equipment and to fulfill the additional requirement of medicines and equipment as oxygen machines from abroad, AYA Bank has donated One Billion Kyat (MMK 1,000,000,000) and Max Myanmar Company Group has donated Five Hundred Million Kyat (MMK 500,000,000), respectively, to Ayeyarwady Foundation.

The new ICU/HDU is operated and run by the Special Medical Team of (150) personnel comprising of specialists, doctors, nurses, members of Ayeyarwady Foundation and volunteers who all are working closely together to care for the emergency patients. For the next phase, the new 50-bed extension building of Ayeyarwady Center will be opened soon and will be able to accommodate up to 125 ICU/HDU patients.