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CSR News    Year:2020

Under the management of the Yangon Region Government, Ayeyarwady Foundation is building and donating the Covid-19 test center (Taikkyi), which is located at (43/6) miles on the Yangon-Pyay Road. This center is to test truck drivers for Covid-19 infection and the cost of test center will be contributed by Max Highway Co., Ltd. Upon completion of the construction works on 20 th October, 2020, the test center will be handed over to the Yangon Region Government.

19 Oct 2020

On behalf of Ayeyarwady Foundation, Ms. Eaint Hmu Zaw and Mr. Ye Mann Zaw have contributed 10 million MMK and other necessary supplies to Dr. Win Maw Oo, Head of South Okkalapa Hospital for Covid-19 Prevention and Treatment. Ayeyarwady Foundation has constantly contributing all its resources for the people’s safety and public health during Covid-19 pandemic in Myanmar.


14 Oct 2020

AYA Bank donated additional supplies for a 75-bedded ICU/HDU Unit at the Ayeyarwady Center.

For ICU/HDU, the Ministry of Health and Sports is providing necessary equipment and to fulfill the additional requirement of medicines and equipment as oxygen machines from abroad, AYA Bank has donated One Billion Kyat (MMK 1,000,000,000) and Max Myanmar Company Group has donated Five Hundred Million Kyat (MMK 500,000,000), respectively, to Ayeyarwady Foundation.

The new ICU/HDU is operated and run by the Special Medical Team of (150) personnel comprising of specialists, doctors, nurses, members of Ayeyarwady Foundation and volunteers who all are working closely together to care for the emergency patients. For the next phase, the new 50-bed extension building of Ayeyarwady Center will be opened soon and will be able to accommodate up to 125 ICU/HDU patients.

07 Oct 2020

AYA Bank, AYA SOMPO Insurance and Max Myanmar Group have jointly contributed ‘One Billion Kyat’ (MMK 1,000,000,000) for buildings, infrastructures, medicines, supplies and other necessities for Ayeyarwady Center, which is mainly supported and managed by Ayeyarwady Foundation for receiving and giving treatments to Covid-19 patients.

19 Sep 2020

The Ayeyarwady Center, 400-bedded Covid-19 Treatment Center in Thuwanna, built within (7) days by the Ayeyarwady Foundation with the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Sports, has started receiving and giving treatments to Covid-19 positive patients on the evening of 19th September, 2020.

The Ayeyarwady Center contained treatment units to accommodate (400) patients at the same time, Intensive Care Unit, Duty Room (Control Center), one store building for medical equipment and supplies, bathrooms and restrooms, Examination Rooms, Protective Chambers to take Swab Test, lounges for health workers and volunteers, washing machine, PPE changing rooms and bathrooms with lockers and disinfection systems, Dormitories for about (150) health workers and volunteers, CCTV monitoring system, fire alarm system and fire extinguisher, PA system, QR Code Registration System, facilities for video communications between doctors and patients, large generators for providing sufficient electricity, proper waste disposal system and catering facilities.

The center arranged private rooms with bedding, hospital lockers, tables, chairs, power outlets for convenient use of electronic devices, litter box, plastic box containing 21 kinds of accessories for each individual, drinking water, easily available hot water and cold water. Each dormitory contains small storage cabinets to provide additional daily accessories as needed.

In addition, the management office of the Ayeyarwady Center has been opened in the Myanmar Football Federation building, so that the center's treatment activities can run smoothly, enabling to fulfill requirements on time, receiving and distributing cash and in kind donations.

The Ministry of Health and Sports provided the necessary hospital equipment for the Ayeyarwady Center, and additional requirement of hospital equipment, medicines and other supplies are organized by the Ayeyarwady Foundation with the support of well-wishers who donated cash and in kind.

19 Sep 2020

In an effort to conserve the steady flow free from algae, garbage wastes, unwanted soil residues from forming, Ayeyarwady Foundation have contributed for three consecutive years for the conservation of  Inle Lake, one of top icons for Myanmar tourism and Myanmar environmental image, placed in the Shan Hills of Myanmar.

The foundation had steadily supported a multipurpose amphibian dredger‎ (HITACHI ZX210K-3 Amphibious Excavator) and a professional staff over three years to eliminate common emergence of aquatic weeds, such as water iris, bulrush, tule, cattail, and water-borne algae.

Along with the vision of conservation for Inle Lake, Ayeyarwady Foundation also supported to build connecting roads between thirty-four villages since 2016, which means supporting 800 million MMK for the costs of working process.

10 Jun 2020

During the current covid-19 pandemic, AYA Bank has provided necessities such as rice bags and cooking oil to each member of 2,200 non-clerical staff from head office and branches through the ‘Sharing with Care’ program. 

With a total of seventy-five million Kyats (MMK 75,000,000), which all senior officials contributed a proportional percentage of their income, the non-clerical staff will be able go through the pandemic comfortably with this kind of provision. ‘Sharing with Care’ program extended heartfelt thanks to our Board of Directors, senior management members, heads of departments and divisions for their kind contribution and consideration.
Furthermore, during this week of April 2020, (15,000) rice bags worth four hundred million Kyats (MMK 400,000,000) was donated through the regional and state governments for use in the areas in need, all over Myanmar, due to COVID-19.

In addition, AYA Bank has been taking further steps in combating Covid-19 such as establishing a health insurance fund for health workers and providing support for living and transportation, donation of necessary protective equipment for hospitals and provision for facility quarantine centers and refreshments for those returning from abroad.

08 Apr 2020

As per direction from U Zaw Zaw, Founder Chairman of the Ayeyarwady Foundation, and board members, arrangements have been made to donate (15,000) bags of rice worth four hundred million Kyats (MMK 400,000,000) through the regional and states governments. Commencing from 6th April 2020, donation of (2,500) bags of rice to the Yangon Region Government, (2,500) to the Mandalay Region Government, (1,000) to the Sagaing Region Government, (1,000) to the Bago Region Government, (1,000) to the Kayah State Government, a total of (8,000) bags of rice have been donated. We will continue to donate (7,000) rice bags to the remaining regions and states in the coming days.

The Ayeyarwady Foundation has been actively participating in combating COVID-19 outbreak in the country, providing health insurance, accommodation, and transportation support for health workers. In addition, we are providing necessary protective equipments for hospitals, quarantine center facilities and refreshments for people returning from abroad. The Foundation has spent more than eight hundred and thirty million Kyats (MMK 830,000,000) for COVID-19 support.

06 Apr 2020

Ayeyarwady Foundation has donated the fund for Health Insurance worth 500 Million MMK for Caregivers in Myanmar, who are actively working relentlessly across the country to contain and fight against the COVID-19 spread. This funding was realized after the discussion between Dr. Myint Htwe, Union Minister for Health and Sports and U Zaw Zaw, Chairperson of the Ayeyarwady Foundation and AYA SOMPO Insurance Company Limited. This Health Insurance Benefit Fund is aimed at the front line health care workers working at the hospitals and various areas across the country respectively to feel safe for their health while caring for the patients during the crisis of COVID-19. Moreover, the Foundation has provided services at the AYA Bank’s Training Centre for their accommodation, daily meals and transportation services ferrying the doctors and nurses from Waibargi Hospital, who are currently facing the difficulties of commuting and lodgings.


02 Apr 2020