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The Opening of 400-bedded Covid-19 Treatment Center

Posted on September 19, 2020

The Ayeyarwady Center, 400-bedded Covid-19 Treatment Center in Thuwanna, built within (7) days by the Ayeyarwady Foundation with the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Sports, has started receiving and giving treatments to Covid-19 positive patients on the evening of 19th September, 2020.

The Ayeyarwady Center contained treatment units to accommodate (400) patients at the same time, Intensive Care Unit, Duty Room (Control Center), one store building for medical equipment and supplies, bathrooms and restrooms, Examination Rooms, Protective Chambers to take Swab Test, lounges for health workers and volunteers, washing machine, PPE changing rooms and bathrooms with lockers and disinfection systems, Dormitories for about (150) health workers and volunteers, CCTV monitoring system, fire alarm system and fire extinguisher, PA system, QR Code Registration System, facilities for video communications between doctors and patients, large generators for providing sufficient electricity, proper waste disposal system and catering facilities.

The center arranged private rooms with bedding, hospital lockers, tables, chairs, power outlets for convenient use of electronic devices, litter box, plastic box containing 21 kinds of accessories for each individual, drinking water, easily available hot water and cold water. Each dormitory contains small storage cabinets to provide additional daily accessories as needed.

In addition, the management office of the Ayeyarwady Center has been opened in the Myanmar Football Federation building, so that the center's treatment activities can run smoothly, enabling to fulfill requirements on time, receiving and distributing cash and in kind donations.

The Ministry of Health and Sports provided the necessary hospital equipment for the Ayeyarwady Center, and additional requirement of hospital equipment, medicines and other supplies are organized by the Ayeyarwady Foundation with the support of well-wishers who donated cash and in kind.