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Annual Tree Planting Campaign to Honor World Environment Day

Posted on June 30, 2024

On June 21, AYA Bank launched its third tree planting campaign to address World Environment Day 2024. This annual initiative was held at the Pan Pyo Latt Philanthropic School (Monastery) in Bago Township where it signifies a cleaner, greener environment in the region with ongoing effort. We aimed to improve rural areas, restore degraded lands to primary forests and improve air quality in line with this year’s World Environment Day theme, "Our Land, Our Future. We are #GenerationRestoration”. The day was packed with a range of activities, actively participated by more than 150 AYA staff members.

Grow Green, Breathe Clean ... Planting Trees Today:

Trees are more than just beautiful elements of our natural landscapes. Fighting the climate change, we took significant steps one effort at a time. Together, AYA Bank staff planted more than 600 trees today, including 500 Acacia and 100 Bamboo, contributing to a greener future and raising awareness about the importance of environmental responsibility. It was a heartwarming experience to see everyone come together for this cause.

Donation Drive … Giving from the Heart:

The day also included a meaningful donation drive. The ceremony of offering cash and alms to monks was held at the monastery, where Sayadaw delivered a sermon, followed by sharing of merits gained. The positive impact of this endeavour is inspiring, enhancing the school's sustainability and contributing to the well-being of our community.

Engaging Community, Embracing Compassion:

Our shared vision for environmental and social well-being included other key stakeholders: indigenous and local communities. More than just a monestary, Pan Pyo Latt stands as a monastic school providing basic education needs for more than hundreds of children. Showcasing the spirit of commitment to community, we provided nutritious lunch to the children at Pan Pyo Latt and mingled around with them. 

During the day, we also enjoyed fresh, organic meal from the Pan Pyo Latt School’s garden, highlighting the importance of sustainable living and giving us a delightful experience of farm-to-table eating. We appreciated organizing team for their tireless efforts in making this event a success, from planning and logistics to execution and cleanup and thanks to Pan Pyo Latt for hosting us so graciously. We will continue to nurture these bonds and dedication to a sustainable and greener future.